Bruceb Cloud Backup - FAQ

Who can sign up for Bruceb Cloud Backup?

Bruceb Cloud Backup is available only for Bruceb Consulting clients.

What files are backed up?

By default, Bruceb Cloud Backup includes all files in user folders - Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos. Any other folders can be added at any time.

Like other backup programs, Bruceb Cloud Backup does not back up OneDrive folders. Files in OneDrive are now stored primarily online, out of reach of backup programs.

Similarly, Bruceb Cloud Backup does not back up Office 365 mailboxes, Gmail, Google Photos, iCloud Photos, and other online-only services.

Bruceb Cloud Backup does not back up Outlook .PST archives for technical reasons. Huge rips of full-length movies won't be backed up - it clogs up your bandwidth and the storage space.

What are the advantages of online backups over other kinds of backups?

Bruceb Cloud Backup adds a valuable extra layer of protection for data that might otherwise be lost.

  • Bruceb Cloud Backup stores your files safely offsite. Your data will be protected regardless of what happens at the office.
  • Bruceb Cloud Backup storage is reliable. External hard drives can fail, taking your backups with them. Amazon's S3 storage is redundant and resilient.
  • Bruceb Cloud Backup software runs whenever a computer has an Internet connection. You don't have to trust your employees to do their own backups or wait for them to bring their laptops to the office to be backed up.
Where is the data stored?

Your backups are stored in Amazon S3 online storage. Your backups are transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) security technology, and stored in Amazon's reliable, flexible and secure data storage. Bruceb Cloud Backup is powered by software from Cloudberry Labs.

How long does it take for a backup?

Your first backup might take hours or days. Upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds, and we throttle bandwidth used by the backup service during the day so it doesn't interfere with your work. Expect to back up about 2-4Gb per day.

Once the first backup is complete, subsequent backups typically take very little time. The backup software is very smart about identifying new or changed files and only uploading the changed bits.

Can I use my computer while a backup is in progress?

Yes. You can use your computer normally, including accessing the Internet while a backup is in progress. Backups should not significantly affect your system’s performance.

Will a backup occur if my computer is sleeping or turned off?

No. We can set up the program so it does a backup after the computer is turned back on, or we can pick a time for backups when the computer is likely to be on.

How long are backed up files kept online?

Archiving: Backed up files can be kept permanently, even if files are deleted from your computers. That can cause your data storage to grow constantly and make it difficult to restore just what you want, so most businesses choose to hold deleted files for some length of time (typically 90 days), then have them removed from the backups. That can be handled automatically by the backup agent.

Versions: By default, the service keeps up to ten versions of a file. Again, these settings are fully configurable.

What support is available?

You can restore files as often as you like with no extra charges. Support is included if you want my help with simple file and folder restores. If there's a crisis and you need help setting up a new computer or replacement server, there will be hourly charges for the additional work to get you up and running.

Can I restore backed up files to another computer?

Yes. When you've been using the service and you install the program on a new computer, the first question it asks is whether you want to restore files from a different computer.

Can I back up my entire hard drive?

Like most online backup services, Bruceb Cloud Backup is most effective backing up your data files, not your entire computer. You may also want to have an image-based backup of your entire computer, using the backup program built into Windows or a program like Acronis or ShadowProtect. A server should always be doing image-based backups to local storage.

Can I back up Exchange Server, or SQL Server databases?

It's not impossible but this isn't the best way to accomplish that. Bruceb Cloud Backup is best for backing up data files - documents, spreadsheets, accounting files (e.g., Quickbooks and Quicken), photos, etc.