Get started in minutes

You'll install a small software agent on each computer to be monitored.

No hardware to buy.

Installation is fast and easy - no need to restart your computer or even close programs you're working on.

Server monitoring

The software agent installed on your server operates invisibly and uses almost no system resources.

Every fifteen minutes the agent performs the following checks:

• Check that your server is up and running.

• Check that you can connect to the internet.

• Check your Windows Services, vital components of your server’s operating system that allow you to log on to your network, access the internet, even print your work, and much more.

• Check disk usage to ensure it’s below a set threshold.

• Check RAID devices to ensure that all disks are functioning correctly and data is safe.

• Check your backups to ensure that vital information can be recovered after a crash.

In addition, the agent checks these important aspects of your system every morning:

• Drive space change

• Physical disk health

• Hacker attempts

• Exchange Store database size

• File and folder sizes

• Event logs

If there’s a problem, we’ll be alerted instantly so we can take action to resolve the issue – frequently before you know you have a problem.

Workstation monitoring

When the software agent is installed on your computer, it conducts system status checks each morning, including these checks:

• Check that core Windows Services (the bedrock of your computer’s operating system) are operating properly.

• Check that your antivirus program is operating and up to date.

• Look for unauthorized log in attempts and determine whether someone has been trying to hack into your systems.

• Check to ensure you have adequate disk space remaining. Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash and involves lengthy delays to repair the device.

• Check that your disks are healthy and there are no integrity issues.

• Review Critical Event log entries and spot other issues.

The service monitors server backups but not workstation backups. Subscribe to Bruceb Cloud Backup for monitored computer backups!

Weekly reports

Each week you'll get a report with detailed information about the status of your server and workstations.

Asset tracking

Bruceb Remote Management automatically compiles a system inventory for each monitored computer. You'll have an up-to-date report for each computer showing the hardware, the operating system, the installed software, the serial number, the Dell service code, and more. The report also shows when the computer was last online, which can help investigations into stolen or missing equipment.

Client portal

You'll have 24x7 access to a dashboard that gives you an easy way to view your IT network and its current status. We provide you with a password and log in details so you can:

• log in at

• or into your Mini Dash on your mobile phone or PDA at

In the client portal you'll find detailed information about the current status of your servers and workstations:

• whether your backups have completed successfully

• if your server is up or down

• the status of workstation updates

• overall system health

Don’t worry – it’s view-only so you can’t accidentally “break” or change something.