Last September I ran into the only serious issue I’ve had with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 – an error in Quickbooks 2008 using its PDF converter to create email messages with attached invoices. After an annoying amount of digging, I found an answer that worked for me, which supposedly had been fully implemented in Quickbooks 2009 release 9.

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded to Quickbooks 2010 and guess what! The return of an old friend: an error message from the Quickbooks PDF Converter when I attempted to send some invoices. Actually several messages, similar but not identical to the one at left and the ones referred to in the support documents.

Just like last year, there are several possible causes and several possible fixes. This blog has a nice description of the various fixes that might be effective. In my case, this support note from Intuit about deleting and recreating the Intuit printer driver was completely useless, but this one offering a replacement DLL appears to have fixed things up.

I have questions but no answers.

  • Why are we still dealing with problems sending invoices by email from Quickbooks in 2010? That’s a pretty basic function of a small business accounting program, I think, and this isn’t a new problem.
  • Is there something about the PDF format that makes this difficult? My only other 64-bit problem has been Adobe’s problem previewing files in Outlook and Windows Explorer on 64-bit systems. Could this all be Adobe’s fault?
  • Why did I buy Quickbooks 2010? I’m not sure I’ve noticed anything different from Quickbooks 2008. I don’t use its features very deeply but I kinda hoped the email features would be improved, at least.
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