Bruceb Consulting has been serving small businesses and law firms since 1995

After 25 years as one of the leading IT consulting firms in the North Bay, Bruceb Consulting is no longer accepting new clients, while proudly continuing to support the hundreds of law firms, small businesses and individuals who have been loyal supporters and friends for so many years.

Bruce Berls started his career as a practicing California attorney, but he has been immersed in personal computing since 1982 when his first suitcase-sized computer was the envy of the lawyers at his firm. He became the firm’s technology resource, and more and more law firms began to turn to him for help. What began as a sideline became an important part of his career, gradually taking over completely from the practice of law.

Bruce is currently obsessed with writing novels and short stories with long-time friend and colleague Jim Rowson. You can read excerpts from the novel Uncommon Scents and keep up with all the thrilling developments at