24×7 coverage of your network health

Security and peace of mind

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Automatic installation of patches & updates on workstations
  • Remote support
  • Support you can trust

Server & workstation monitoring

  • Continuous system status checks on Windows system services, antivirus protection, hard drive space, critical events, and system health
  • 24×7 feedback on issues affecting data storage, hacker attacks, and your overall network health

Monitored updates

  • Automatic behind-the-scenes installation of updates for Windows, Office, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe products, and hundreds more programs and utilities

Remote support

  • Bruceb Consulting can access your computer securely and with your permission to fix problems – even after hours

Affordable coverage for servers & personal computers

  • $50/year Personal computers
  • $360/year Servers

Charges for support

This is not a warranty or a maintenance contract. If the monitoring service reveals that a server needs attention or if a workstation develops problems because an update goes awry, I’ll notify you. If you agree, I’ll fix it at my normal hourly rates.