Ginger, the much-hyped device invented by Dean Kamen, apparently is a two-wheeled scooter-like device that will run nearly emission-free using a hydrogen-based engine.Here’s an article with more info about Ginger. That might not grab you at first, but two things are worth thinking about: (1) An emission-free engine? Think about that for a second. That’s astonishing. If it turns out to be true, it truly changes the world. Kamen reportedly has an even more amazing “Stirling” engine under development. (2) Kamen has already developed a motorized wheelchair that can step up over curbs and obstacles and raise up on two wheels – and it’s virtually impossible to tip over while it’s on two wheels! Here’s a link to more info about the IBOT wheelchair, now being submitted for FDA approval by Johnson & Johnson. Does Ginger sound more tempting if the scooter turns out to be super-stable?

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