Windows 2000 Professional is the most stable operating system ever released for a personal computer. It’s a joy. But it’s missing some of the cuddly features that home users appreciate, it wasn’t marketed aggressively to small businesses, and many users were left out because upgrades from Windows 98/ME to Win2K are virtually impossible.

Later this year Microsoft will release Windows XP, a new operating system intended to replace all of its existing desktop systems – Windows 2000, ME, and 98. It looks breathtakingly good. This is potentially as big as the shift from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.

Windows XP is based on the Windows 2000 code, so it’s super-stable. It will be released in home and business editions, and Windows 98 and ME systems will upgrade cleanly. Microsoft wants to provide a great computing experience for the business end user, building on Windows 2000 Professional, while providing a similar experience for home users along with improved compatibility, user interface enhancements, and other improvements by moving them to the Windows 2000 code base.

Start paying attention to the buzz. This looks like the real thing. If you want to start to learn about Windows XP, this is a good collection of the available information.

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