Here’s a glimpse of the future according to the recording industry.

Like the announcement with RealNetworks a couple of days ago and MSN yesterday, MTV and VH1 are rolling out a service with the cooperation of the major record labels. It’s routine – Internet radio and the option to buy songs by downloading them. Still no information available on file format or the extent of the restrictions on the use of the downloaded files. But look at the prices! Anywhere from a buck to $2.50 for a single song, and anywhere from ten to eighteen bucks for an entire CD. Think about that! This is for a download – no packaging, no distribution costs, serious restrictions on use, no ability to play it on a conventional CD player – eighteen bucks! According to CNET radio today, these prices are set by the record labels, so other services will presumably be similar.

It’s outrageous. Greedy arrogant bastards.

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