More about Pegasus Communications. Pegasus turns out to be a big company, but relatively new to the broadband world. In addition to their consumer service described below, they have two business-class satellite services. Pegasus Express Plus allows up to twenty computers to share the signal and removes some of the bandwidth restrictions that work behind the scenes in the consumer service. The Plus service is reasonably priced at $99-$279/month, based on number of users, and will be available in June. Pegasus Express Pro attempts to provide the equivalent of a fractional T-1, with high bandwith, quality of service guarantees, and the like. The Pro service has high startup costs and monthly costs that start at $350/month and scale up to the stratosphere, based on bandwidth.

If you’re interested in more details, call me. I’m going to find out more about the Plus service – it sounds tempting.

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