Easy CD Creator is the software I use for burning CDs. It’s got a reasonably simple interface and it does almost everything most people want to do with their burners. (Out at the fringe, with other software, it’s possible to overburn CDs, copy discs that are copy-protected, and have more fine-grained control over the process, but most people never get to that point.)

As I understood it, Microsoft licensed some of the underlying technology from Adaptec and included it in Windows 2000. You’d think it would be compatible, right? Nope. If you installed the retail version of the same software – the first release of version 4 – there was a good chance that your Windows 2000 system would crash so severely you’d have to reformat the system to get it back. It was embarrassing.

They’ve done it again. Easy CD Creator version 5 has gotten good reviews and has a nice feature set. And if you install it on Windows 2000, there’s a chance that it will completely destroy your computer. It’s hard to kill Windows 2000, but apparently one of the Easy CD Creator components can do it.

If you’re thinking about upgrading Easy CD Creator, pay close attention and don’t make any sudden moves!

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