As other computer manufacturers fall by the wayside, Dell continues to stand out. They ship promptly, they don’t make very many mistakes, and their customer support is as good as it gets. That is to say, not everyone has a happy experience, but the odds are better with Dell than with any other manufacturer.

I’ve heard similar anecdotes from three people that have me a bit concerned. In each case, the customer ordered a Dell computer by telephoning Dell instead of ordering online. Bad things happened. In two cases, the prices were significantly higher than the online prices, for no reason that I could find. In the third case, the computer was shipped in the wrong configuration, and the salesman was defensive and irritable when the customer complained.

Now those are just anecdotes. Each one has a story, and it could be that Dell is blameless. But Dell thrives on online orders, and I’ve never seen an online order go off in some unexpected way. I encourage everyone to order from Dell, but place your order online! Start from the bruceb shopping page for easy access to Dell’s business or home divisions!

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