I’m a fan of Media Jukebox for playing, recording, and organizing .mp3 files. Each of the main players – Windows Media Player, RealJukebox, and MusicMatch Jukebox – have annoying quirks or shortcomings that drove me to distraction. Media Jukebox does a lot of things with a minimum of fuss and a great deal of control. It costs $29.98, similar to the others, and you can sample it for free for thirty days. Over the last year or two I’ve learned about .mp3s, the other file formats, IDv2 tags, the right way to organize thousands of music files, and a lot of other things, and Media Jukebox has never let me down. Darned nice bunch of people developing it and providing online support, too.

There’s a new version of Media Jukebox today, version 7.0. If you have any misgivings about your jukebox program, give Media Jukebox a look!

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