I’ve had the Pegasus/DirecPC satellite for about ten days. Right after it was installed, the entire two-way DirecPC system went down for about three days, which created a poor first impression. Tech support was easy to reach and helpful, but a bit slow to acknowledge that the whole system was down, which was frustrating. They’re wrestling with slow upload speeds, and there will undoubtedly be more glitches and outages during the next few months.

That makes it a poor choice for a business. A dialup connection may be slow, but it’s reliable. This is consumer-level satellite service and it will require patience for the next few months. If you order this service, you’ll probably have to learn the steps to switch back and forth between the satellite and dialup service when that’s necessary.

I started with the pessimistic stuff, and I did that on purpose, so that you think about the satellite service with eyes open. Because the other side of the coin is: this is a great service! The installation was easy and happened on time. The connection is always on and information comes in at 400K – about ten times the speed of a modem. (In fact, right now, the service is even faster than 400K because relatively few people are on the satellite that’s being used for this two-way service.) I’ve had five days of uninterrupted, troublefree service, and it’s been just great. No one has ever regretted getting a better Internet connection!

Startup cost is $700, service is $69/month. If you’re up for it, check out this information about Pegasus Express and call (877) 471-7488 to place an order.

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