Lots of people are interested in LCD flat panel monitors now that the prices are dropping. I’ve gleaned a few things from the coverage I’ve seen.

  • Prices for 15″ LCD monitors have fallen to the $500 range. The current guess is that they won’t drop much further – might even go up a bit over the next six months or so.
  • Measurements are different. A 15″ LCD monitor has almost the same screen area as a 17″ conventional monitor.
  • 17″ LCD monitors are approaching the $1,000 point. There’s differences between the different brands, and the differences are more important as the size gets bigger. Read the reviews and compare the numbers! You might not want to buy the cheapest one.

I can’t vouch for the model that’s reviewed, but this review summarizes the various things to know about LCD monitors in a reasonably friendly way.

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