When you’re downloading software, watch for an innocuous item named ‘Gator” that will appear checkmarked in the list of items to download. It’s an evil piece of software that monitors your surfing and pops advertisements in your face that it believes are related to the site you’re visiting. It’s not polite about it – advertisements can appear any time you’re online. Naturally it has some features intended to make it palatable – it assists you in filling out online forms and includes an electronic wallet to assist you in filling out credit card information online. Heck, maybe some people would think that’s worth enduring more online ads. I don’t think I know anyone like that. Here’s an article about Gator.

Speaking of online advertising, the latest trend is certainly annoying, isn’t it? “Pop-unders,” the little windows that open behind your browser for the X-10 camera or online gambling or the like, make banner ads look downright appealing. Yuck.

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