Those daffy jokesters at the RIAA are in high gear these days.

Last week the recording industry attempted to insert provisions in anti-terrorism legislation that would have exempted them from any liability for hacking into the computers of people sharing music files. The recording industry is considering plans to use technology to launch denial of service attacks against people using file sharing programs like AudioGalaxy or MusicCity – flooding the computers’ Internet connections so they’re unusable. They’re looking into ways to manipulate those programs and use them to hack into systems and delete files. They’re studying methods of inserting viruses into music files and transmitting them onto the systems of people using those programs.

Read that again. I’m perfectly serious.

And in an article that appears to be serious, The Register reports that The Disney Channel cartoon series The Proud Family aired an episode on October 5 entitled EZ Jackster . In the storyline, EZ Jackster is a Napster-like site, and the show’s little heroines get addicted to the service and play a part in the downfall of the music industry. Really, you’ve gotta read this – if it was a parody in The Onion it would be pretty funny, but apparently it’s real. The slimiest kind of propaganda aimed at children.

These guys are a laugh a minute, eh?

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