If you’re considering upgrading to Windows XP, it deserves some thought and preparation. Here’s the short checklist that will help you avoid some of the problems people have run into:

— make sure your system has enough memory – 128Mb or more

— if you have a scanner, a digital camera, a fax/scanner/printer, or a brand new model of printer, check the manufacturer’s web site for information about Windows XP drivers

— back up your e-mail and address book – just in case

— uninstall any antivirus program

— uninstall any utilities that are supposed to help “rescue” things – Norton System Works, GoBack, First Aid, CrashGuard, CleanSweep, things like that

— uninstall PCAnywhere if it’s on your system

— unplug printers and scanners and the like until later, after the upgrade is done

— pay attention to any warnings that appear during the upgrade

Good luck!

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