Kazaa is one of the popular file sharing programs that took over after Napster was gunned down. It had always had a reputation for installing “spyware” – nasty little programs that monitored your web surfing and downloads and reported back to somewhere without your permission. But recently folks learned about a bigger invasion of your privacy. For several months, Kazaa has included a separate program from Brilliant Digital Entertainment called the B3D Projector. If you installed Kazaa, you installed this software as well, even if you tried to be careful. For all intents and purposes, it’s been loaded onto your computer with no disclosure and no consent.

It’s a nasty bit of business. Brilliant is under fire, but so far plans to activate the software soon and use it for its own purposes on your computer. It’s roughly as if you came home and someone had rented out your spare bedroom without your permission. It wouldn’t really matter if they claimed to have benign motives, would it?

Look in Add-Remove Programs for “B3D Projector.” If you see it, you’d like it to go away – but it doesn’t really leave your computer if you use Add-Remove Programs. You’re going to have to use the Ad-Aware utility.

I strongly encourage you to read this summary of the software and the method to remove it. If you believe the software is on your system (or if you’d like to see if any other spyware has been loaded on your system), download and run Ad-Aware. Good luck!

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