Kazaa has taken over as the best music sharing program – most users, best selection, best interface. But Kazaa has been rightfully attacked for including other “spyware” programs that are secretly installed along with the main program.

Somebody hacked the Kazaa installation package and removed all the bad stuff. What’s left includes everything necessary to run Kazaa and share music, but nothing that will report on your surfing or allow your computer to be possessed by third parties or any of the other little nasties. If you want to give it a try, (1) uninstall all other file sharing programs – Morpheus and the rest; (2) run AdAware and clean off any existing spyware; (3) then click this link to download and install Kazaa Lite.

(Incidentally, I’ve had good experiences with Kazaa Lite, but I offer no guarantees. Install and run file sharing programs at your own risk! If you have problems, I will sympathize, but I won’t feel responsible. Good luck!)

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