I’ve been wrestling with more Palm devices than usual for the last few weeks. (Normally Palms are simple and troublefree, but they’re incredibly annoying when they go crazy and decide not to sync any more or whatever.) It’s left me wishing I could convince more clients to get Pocket PC devices – better displays, better connectivity with Outlook, and better onboard applications.

The price for Pocket PC devices is significantly higher than Palms. I just spotted the new Toshiba Pocket PC e310, though, which narrows the price gap – available for $399.99 most places, and less than that if you look around – $335 at Amazon, for instance. It only has 32Mb of RAM, but I’ve been using a 32Mb Pocket PC for more than a year and it’s been perfect for day to day business use. If you’re looking at handhelds, see if you can talk yourself into a Pocket PC instead of a Palm.

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