I spend a lot of time in my office – more than I spend in the room in the house with the television and stereo. I’ve long believed it’s worthwhile to invest in good speakers for a computer if you’re going to use it to listen to music or watch DVDs.

Prices on speakers have gone down as sharply as on other computer components. When it came time to replace my speakers last week, I quickly settled on Logitech Z560 speakers – four speakers and a very large subwoofer for about $185 (including shipping) from buy.com, or $199 at Best Buy or CompUSA. They’re easily the best speakers I’ve ever owned, bar none. THX-certified, great sound at all volumes – and capable of being louder than is even remotely reasonable. There are some comparable Klipsch speakers that are almost four hundred dollars, but nothing else comes close in the under two hundred dollar price range. Here’s a typical review and here’s another review. Very satisfying indeed.

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