The Press Democrat just did a feature about the abbreviations invented for text messaging – they’re becoming second nature to many kids, and teachers are seeing them turn up in school assignments. FYI, here’s a dictionary that covers many of the basic text messaging abbreviations FWIW. If U R like me, it will make you feel old. Kind of a PITA. ROFL!

That doesn’t scare you? Go take a look at an online dictionary of l33t terms used by the hacker community. “LE3T 5PE4K I5 wH3N j00 +4Lk l1kE THi5. t0 uNDEr$+@ND j00 mu5+ Be l3e+. 1pH jo0 4RE noT lEeT jo0 C4Nnot SPe@K or rE4d tH1$.” I was running across nonsense like this frequently as I surfed during the last couple of years. Every generation has its jargon, and all parents believe the younger generation is growing up illiterate because the new slang is so stupid. L33t-speak is part of a long tradition.

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