As we get more mobile, it becomes difficult to leave Outlook behind when we step away from our desk. America Online and MSN/Hotmail are awful services, but the idea of having access to your mailbox whenever you’re online, regardless of where you’re sitting, is pretty appealing.

There’s several answers. Companies running Microsoft Exchange Server can set up Outlook Web Access, which provides access to Outlook through any web browser. If a company provides VPN access, then Outlook can be loaded directly – very slowly – or Remote Desktop or PCAnywhere can give access to your workstation.

Laplink has announced an intriguing new product, Laplink Everywhere. It’s a service for $9.95/month that puts your desktop in communication with a Laplink computer – even if your computer is behind a firewall. When you’re away from the office, you can use any Internet browser to go to a special Laplink web site and display the contents of your Outlook folders. It won’t look exactly the same as Outlook on screen, but the information is all there. I don’t have any experience with it, but I love the concept. Here’s some additional information from Laplink about Laplink Everywhere.

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