The Detroit Free Press wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about Alan Ralsky, one of the top five spammers in the world. Some people estimate that 150 major spammers are responsible for ninety percent of the spam we get, and Ralsky is one of the biggest. He’s sending out a billion messages every single day, he’s getting rich, and he just loves what he’s doing and can’t wait to do more.

It’s amusing to see a followup today. Slashdot is a very popular site for technology folks. After Slashdot posted an item about Ralsky and the Free Press article, Slashdot readers posted Ralsky’s address, and dozens of people began signing Ralsky up for junk mail – catalogs, advertising campaigns, brochures, you name it. He’s being inundated. He’s all irritable and wants to sue somebody. A very elegant way to retaliate, I think.

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