One of those odd little things that make you say, Hmmm.

The RIAA is widely despised, for obvious reasons. Its web site has been hacked on a pretty regular basis for the last couple of years. Now it’s been offline for more than a week, the victim of a denial of service attack. Pretty standard stuff, really.

Reporters starting checking dutifully and discovered that at the end of January the RIAA gave responsibilities for the site to a company in Maryland. And on further checking it appears that (1) the company is a dba of a disabled veteran, (2) the RIAA is his first customer, and (3) he runs the web site from a computer at his home.

Leaving the interesting question: How did one of the most reviled, and therefore attacked web sites in the world end up in the hands of an apparently inexperienced operator?

As The Register puts it in this article, the truth promises to be even more interesting than the facts.

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