I’m sure it takes creativity for the spammers to come up with new ways to force their messages through the spam filters. An increasing number of spam messages are sent with nonsense characters or strings in the subject line, for just that reason. But what in the world are they thinking of? Is there actually a grownup somewhere in the world that thinks I will open a message from the sender mRxNyjlo4512574886489@yahoo.com, with the subject line “asservisseurs Bruceb coulee Wasserhaehnen”? That’s one at random from today’s junk. These guys are starting to make postal junk mail look downright appealing.

Don’t forget IHateSpam, my favorite anti-spam software for Outlook users. There’s currently a promotion from Amazon that makes the software free – $19.95, with a $20 rebate. (Details on the IHateSpam web site.)

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