Microsoft will release Small Business Server 2003 in October. It is a huge release. It will transform computing for small offices.

The reason? It’s simple and it’s cheap.

A new “standard edition” includes Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003, and costs only $599. Hardware manufacturers will sell a server with SBS pre-installed for under a thousand dollars.

SBS is easier to set up than ever. You’ll still need a consultant to set it up, but it’s much less likely to need frequent attention and most work can be done remotely.

Many offices have postponed buying a server because the expense was hard to justify. SBS 2003 changes the economics dramatically and makes it possible for any business of any size to enjoy the advantages of server-based computing – security, centralized data storage, easy backups, shared calendars and address books with Outlook and Exchange, and remote access to Outlook when you’re out of the office.

Here’s an article with more information about the standard and premium editions of Small Business Server and more pricing details.

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