Here’s a glowing review for Norton Antispam 2004 – high marks for the interface and for its effectiveness. At $40, it’s more expensive than competing programs like IHateSpam, but Norton’s reputation carries considerable weight.

More and more programs are being locked down so they cannot be installed on multiple computers. Norton Antivirus 2004 has some appealing new features – a popup blocker, among other things – but you’ll have to buy a separate copy for each computer. I don’t know if Norton Antispam is protected the same way, but it might be – don’t assume you can buy one copy and install it a dozen times.

There was one report of a bug in Norton Antispam that caused it to crash with Outlook Express. (See my note on September 29.) I don’t know if that’s been resolved. But you should be aware that there are technical reasons preventing any spam program from working as well with Outlook Express as it does with Outlook. If you use Outlook Express, keep your expectations low.

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