Pogowave Communications delivers wireless Internet communications to rural Sonoma County. Prices are reasonable and the Pogowave tower can reach areas not served by DSL or cable.

I signed up with them and I have broadband at my home for the first time in 12 years. They worked hard to get my house set up and put in overtime when there were some thorny technical problems – they stayed on it until the problems were resolved.

Now I need your help. It’s vitally important that Pogowave become successful so that nothing interferes with my connection. Support Pogowave! Look at their coverage map and call them for a site check if it’s possible that your home might have a line of sight to their tower. Mention my name. Sign up with them. If you can’t get their service, send them a healthy donation for no reason.

Pogowave must not fail. Go go Pogowave!

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