Microsoft Office 2003 has arrived in the stores. The “Basic Edition” includes Word, Excel, and Outlook. The “Standard Edition” adds Powerpoint. There’s increasing interest in Powerpoint – think about it before you decide which version to buy or order with a new computer!

The same software is packaged as “Office 2003 Standard for Students and Teachers” – again including Powerpoint, and selling for $130-150. The license is valid for families with kids or students as well as teachers – and nobody checks to see if you qualify (note from Microsoft to thrifty businesses: wink wink!). Each copy of the Student edition can be installed on three different computers.

The Student Edition can’t be used as the basis for an upgrade to a future version of Office. If you install the Student Edition, you won’t be able to buy the upgrade version of Office 2005; you’d have to buy either the full version or the next Student Edition. I doubt if that will change anybody’s mind about whether to buy it, but I thought you ought to know.

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