As you watch Congress and the President congratulate each other over the new federal anti-spam legislation, keep in mind that the spammers are thrilled with the new law. Here’s an article from Direct Marketer News that will chill you.

“Marketers roundly praised the bill, particularly its pre-emption of more onerous anti-spam legislation in more than 35 states. . . E-mail marketers feared an avalanche of lawsuits under the California spam law’s provision for private lawsuits. Under the federal law, consumers cannot sue.

“E-mail list providers also breathed a sigh of relief, getting out from under the California law’s wording that seemed to ban e-mail prospecting.

” “We’re still not entirely out of the woods yet, but it looks like we’re getting there,” said Michael Mayor, chief executive of New York e-mail list rental company NetCreations.

Microsoft and AOL had significant input into the legislation and have issued statements supporting it. Why, imagine your surprise to learn that the legislation gives a federal stamp of approval for every legitimate marketer in the US to use unsolicited e-mail as a marketing tool.

Here’s reaction to the bill from the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail.

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