It’s a good week to buy a computer at Dell.

Computer prices don’t change very much from week to week – they just keep going down at a pretty steady rate. Dell’s promotions are mostly perfectly nice and the price tends to be consistent regardless of whether the promotion is described as “free memory” or “double your hard drive” or whatever.

But last week the promotion was a “free camera, PDA or printer,” with each one being a device you don’t want and wouldn’t buy. Dell rotates that promotion through every few weeks – just wait until the next Thursday when it changes.

Order from Dell through its Small Business side – the prices and features are almost identical to the Home division, shipping is almost always free, and you’ll get almost no junky software.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 is a marvel. (I wrote briefly about it on September 3, and you can get more information here. I’ll write some more here soon – it’s killer.) This week it can be added to a Dell server for $399, which is so cheap it’s seems terribly wrong. Every small business should be looking at Small Business Server.

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