Adobe released a minor update to Adobe Reader (formerly “Acrobat Reader”), from version 6.0 to 6.0.1. If you use Reader, you might get a popup notifying you of the upgrade.

A number of people are reporting problems with the upgrade on Adobe’s forums. After installing the upgrade, some people can no longer open PDF files in Internet Explorer. For others, Reader becomes detached from the PDF file extension and won’t open PDF files automatically. The worst case is somebody reporting that the upgrade completely emptied his Add/Remove Programs list – on dozens of computers.

There’s always a certain number of disgruntled people after any change, but there’s enough reports that I’m suspicious – this might be a troubled piece of software. I’m going to avoid this upgrade until I find out more.

Incidentally, Adobe loves its “Download Manager,” a separate program it insists you install to “help” with downloading programs from its web site. I don’t know if it has some devious agenda, but I don’t like unnecessary programs. You can download Reader without the “Download Manager” from this page.

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