Microsoft released an update today that should be installed at your earliest convenience. Go to Windows Update and apply all Critical Updates. (Some of you will see the “Windows Update” icon down by the clock today or tomorrow, notifying you that new updates are ready to install. Click on the icon and install the update, then go to Windows Update after your computer restarts to see if that’s everything.)

If you’re new to Windows Update, keep in mind that “Critical Updates” are important security fixes – download and install them all. The items under “Windows XP” and “Driver Updates” are optional.

In addition to fixing a security issue, today’s fix will make it much more unlikely that you are the victim of “phishing,” where a faked e-mail message directs you to a real-looking web site and encourages you to put in personal information – credit card numbers or bank account numbers, for example. Here’s some notes about phishing – see the item on October 31.

Here’s an article with more information about today’s update.

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