Microsoft released a small, free tool that will remove the MyDoom and MyDoom.B viruses from computers running XP and Windows 2000. According to the company, “the tool automatically checks for infection and removes the worm(s) if found. If a machine is infected with MyDoom.B, the tool will also provide the user with the default version of the ‘host’ file and set the ‘read-only’ attribute for that file. This action will allow the user to visit previously blocked Microsoft and antivirus Web sites. After execution, the tool pops up a message describing the outcome of the detection/removal. The tool can be safely deleted after execution.”

It took the tool less than two seconds to run on my system and declare that I was not infected. It’s a quick, easy way to put your paranoia to rest. Download the tool from this page – click on the download link and choose to “Open” the downloaded file.

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