A friend just pointed out a device that fills a need in an elegant way. When you travel with a digital camera, it can be hard to know what to do with the images you accumulate. You can carry multiple memory cards but they’re expensive, and carrying a laptop is frequently inconvenient. One option is to drop in to a camera shop or drug store that will empty the memory card onto a CDR, but there’s always the uneasy feeling that a store won’t be nearby when you need it.

The RoadStor from MicroSolutions is a portable device that doesn’t require a computer. It has a reader for all the standard memory cards and a built-in CD recorder. Put in the memory card, push a button, and all the images are saved onto a CDR. Very cool! It also attaches to a TV so you can view the photos on screen from the memory card – and it will also play DVDs on the TV! Plug in a pair of headphones and it will play audio CDs or mp3s on a CDR. That’s enough to make it worth $249. Here’s the manufacturer’s web site about the RoadStor.

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