Everybody complains to their ISP about spam, even though it’s not really the ISP’s problem. They’ve responded with spam filters and message blocking which occasionally goes awry.

AOL seems to get it wrong a bit more often than most. I belong to a mailing list whose messages have been blocked periodically by AOL in the last few weeks. Recently a friend mentioned that AOL had blocked messages to a couple of hundred recipients about Little League plans. And – horrors – AOL is now blocking my jokes! I send out jokes to a group of fifty or so recipients, and AOL is now bouncing them with this message: “____AOL_ is_ not_ currently_ accepting_ email_ from_ your_ point_ of_ origin_ through_ your_ ISP.__ Please_ contact_ your_ ISP’s_ TecGýó?al_ SID=8424040e0421bc smtp; Permanent Failure: Other address status”

Individual messages seem to be getting through, so apparently AOL won’t permit messages into its system with more than a few recipients. I sympathize with their efforts to fight spam, but that’s a rude result. AOL subscribers: you’re missing some good jokes!

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