Hey, old-timers – remember The Jetsons? Disneyland’s House of the Future? We’re here. It’s the future. Watch it happen, right before your eyes.

A club in New Jersey is installing a kiosk near its exit. Folks attending a concert at the club can stop on the way out and plug in a USB drive and carry away a recording of the concert in their pockets.

Artists have been experimenting with making concerts available in all sorts of ways – distributing CDs to retailers (Pearl Jam), selling CDs by mail (The Who), making high quality downloads available a few days after a show (Phish), and recently a few bands started pressing CDRs immediately after a show.

But a USB drive somehow seems so much more futuristic, doesn’t it? Plug it in, download for a few seconds, and walk out with the show on a keychain. Cool, eh? Here’s an article about the rollout in Hoboken.

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