If you’re considering a printer, here’s some advice from Vyomesh Joshi, general manager of HP’s Imaging and Printer Group – someone in a position to give good advice.

“If you are not going to use your printer that often, then you want to buy a very low-end printer. If you’re going to use lots of pages, you should really buy a business ink jet, because it has the lowest cost of ownership of any of our ink jet devices. It’s even cheaper to own than a color laser. Our business ink jet cost per copy is cheaper than our color laser. What we need to do is get some more awareness in terms of what kind of user you are. If you’re a moderate or heavy user, you should really buy a higher-end ink jet. That’s the best in terms of price and performance. You get a much better cost of ownership with our $199 business ink jet than with our $49 ink jet.”

Never forget – HP doesn’t sell printers, it sells ink.

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