The last thing you want to do is install a bunch of free utilities from unknown sources. It’s almost never necessary and frequently causes problems. Everybody is with me on this, right?


Every rule has an exception or two. I ran across a utility that might be inordinately helpful for some of you.


Karen Kenworthy wrote columns for Windows Magazine and has been writing Windows utilities for years. Karen’s Replicator is a small, free program that will copy selected files from one drive/folder to another – and it will repeat that job as often as you want to keep the two locations in sync with each other.


You can use it to create a duplicate copy of selected folders. I’ve got a second copy of my music collection on an external hard drive. Every night Karen’s Replicator updates the external hard drive with any new or updated files, and deletes anything deleted from the main hard drive.


You can use it as a simple backup program – set it to copy your documents, Outlook .PST file, and Quicken files to a USB drive, for example, and run it manually when you want a backup.

The only quirk is that it will only run scheduled jobs if the computer is turned on and Karen’s Replicator is running – can’t log off or Replicator won’t do its stuff overnight. Other than that it’s been troublefree. Give it a try if it meets your needs!

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