Outlook 2003 does a remarkable job of filtering spam. (Make sure you get the latest updates from Office Update.)

It’s no surprise that the spammers are trying to get messages through the antispam filters with new techniques to conceal the true nature of their messages. Lately it’s been a flood of pharmaceutical products with odd spellings and spaces and punctuation marks, typically with unrelated words on the bottom to make the message appear meaningful to an automated filter. There’s been lots of messages with .HTM file attachments – I assume leading to malicious web sites, although I’ve never opened one to check. Okay, all part of the game, they should burn in hell, nothing new there.

But what is it with the messages that are only strings of words? I’m seeing several a day. No file attachment, so it’s not a virus message. No images, so it’s not trying to track messages that are previewed. No advertising, no links, and either the subject line is blank or it’s not meaningful. Here’s a message that just arrived, in its entirety.

SUBJECT: Online ordering is the greatest

MESSAGE: cover diaper anybody’d lithosphere stillwater vandal burch pedal progression radiogram consequential emergent clothesline thymine resistant amaze disjunct biscuit psychiatry trustful cofactor clobber electrolyte arequipa armenia warmonger bullfrog cesare colgate nanosecond paintbrush taylor crossroad cheap pickoff eeoc periwinkle hydro indispensable cumberland agribusiness elsewhere fibrous in naturopath aside carl aboriginal dirty lipstick broomcorn geocentric complainant cowardice borden dramatic brahmsian !

What am I missing here? What’s the point?

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