A year ago the city of Santa Rosa announced it had settled its dispute with Comcast and Internet service would be rolled out promptly.

Last week Comcast announced that it had given up on trying to resolve its differences with the city, but it had installed sufficient equipment to roll out Internet service anyway, within the next ninety days.

Perhaps the city is blameless. But is it coincidence that this is the third cable provider in a row that the city has been unable to work with? The city has lashed out regularly at Santa Rosa’s cable providers over the last ten years, persistently blaming them for delays and service problems and high fees and pox and plagues.

Whatever the reason for the delay, I hope Comcast makes service available soon. Call them to inquire. Nationwide, Comcast has generally been delivering high-quality broadband connections with a minimum of fuss.

For what it’s worth, Comcast has announced free speed increases for all its customers nationwide, but there’s no official timetable yet. Comcast is delivering 3 mbps downloads right now; if the reports are true, the service will be automatically bumped to 4 mbps with an option to move to 6 mbps for an extra ten bucks. That’s serious speed.

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