A followup to my notes on moving music around the house.

The Netgear MP101 fit my needs, but knowing that doesn’t simplify your shopping. I wanted something (1) dirt cheap, (2) wireless, (3) music only, (4) no TV display required, and (5) able to work with my preferred music software, J River Media Center. Some or all of those concerns may be different for you.

A trusted friend just wrote about his success with the Roku Soundbridge M1000 – a very stylish looking device. I’ve seen other people raving about it online. The Streamium and Squeezebox devices also have loyal supporters.

PC Magazine just reviewed six more media hubs that move audio, pictures and video around. If you’re looking into the area, also study up on Windows Media Center and “Media Center Extenders” – it’s a Microsoft project that seems to be gathering support from manufacturers.

Happy shopping!

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