Google seems genuinely committed to making the world a better place. (Example: A client just mentioned this news story from last week – Google’s AdWords division, responsible for the contextual ads that appear alongside search results, insists that advertisers use standard English grammar and correct punctuation.)

A few days ago Google released version 2.0 of its Picasa photo management software, an improved version of software from a company acquired by Google last summer. The feedback online from reviewers and consumers has been wildly positive – and the software is free, free, free. You can find information and download it here and get information about Google’s other free downloads here.

Picasa 2 does everything more expensive packages such as Adobe PhotoShop Album 2 do and more, including helping you organize and catalog photos, perform simple editing operations, add special effects, and share photos online. Here’s a typical review from PC Magazine raving about Picasa’s ease of use and features.

If you have a digital camera and you’re accumulating images but you’re not already using a photo organizer, it’s very powerful just to see your images in chronological order. Picasa looks like a knockout – give it a try!

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