Prices on printers are in endless freefall. We’re edging closer to the time when it will be cheaper to replace a printer than to replace ink cartridges.

Recent examples:

– Costco has Samsung’s color laser printer, the CLP-510, for three hundred dollars. I bought last year’s model of this printer last year – it’s slow to warm up and print the first page but speedy after that, with good print quality and built-in duplexing. The model at Costco does not have a network adapter, so it would have to be attached directly to a computer.

– Costco also has the Epson R300 for $109, quite a good price. This is one of the printers with a built-in tray for printing directly on CDs and DVDs.

– Dell just introduced a personal laser printer for under a hundred dollars. Remarkable, eh?

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