There are three Treo models (the Palm-based 650 and 750p and the Windows Mobile-based 700w), plus the Motorola Q, that are appealing combinations of cell phone and PDA. The Treos can send and receive e-mail from an Exchange Server running on Small Business Server 2003, and it’s easier than ever to mail photos. All of those things require sending data over the Internet. The new Treo 700s use the speedy new EVDO network for that data.

Here’s an article with a timely reminder: you must purchase an unlimited data plan with those devices or you should not own one. Period. There’s no third choice. The cost of metered data is astronomical and there’s no easy way to predict what will or won’t involve data transfer that will be charged. These are tempting devices but they’re expensive. Include the cost of an unlimited data plan in your mind as you consider them!

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