Dell’s image has been slipping. Tech support has been rocky for more than a few of my clients (and abysmal for computers purchased from Dell’s Home division, which outsources support to India). Its sales division for parts and small items is a nightmare. Somehow it’s not comforting to know that Dell is still a step ahead of every other company out there – both by my experience and according to all the surveys.

Today’s announcement might be great news. Dell is offering remote support to every customer under warranty who has a broadband connection. Here’s an article with the details.

Support is ten times more difficult when you describe a problem on the phone and the support technician can’t see the screen. Dell will be providing software (perhaps a customized interface on Windows Remote Desktop or Remote Assistance?) to allow its techs to take remote control of your computer and work on problems while you watch. I speak from experience – it can hugely improve the effectiveness of support.

Dell has been stung by criticism of its support, so it also announced that it will be spending a bunch of money to beef things up. This can only be good news.

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