Verizon’s EVDO wireless access is heavenly for some travelers. For a hefty monthly fee – $60-80/month – Verizon provides a reasonably fast Internet connection anywhere in its cell phone system. Some new notebooks have the hardware built in to support the EVDO connection, or cards can be connected to the laptop via USB or PCMCIA.

Here’s an interesting alternative piece of hardware – the Kyocera KR1 Mobile EV-DO Router. Plug it in and it instantly connects to the Verizon network and sets up Internet access for any nearby computer, acting as an 802.11g wireless access point with all the usual options for WPA/WEP security, plus four ports for network cables. Not for everybody, but the concept is beautiful and there are a few people who will wonder how they ever lived without it. (No personal experience – your mileage may vary.)

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