I’ve used Microsoft Digital Image Pro for years. Its controls are easy and comfortable but its organizer is weaker than Adobe Photoshop Elements and I’ve never felt completely comfortable with Microsoft’s commitment to photo editing software. (Years ago I was burned when Microsoft abruptly abandoned its PhotoDraw software and left me with hundreds of files in an unsupported proprietary format.)

It’s impressive, I guess, that Digital Image Pro is able to celebrate its ten year anniversary with a special Anniversary Suite.

It’s less impressive that its just a repackaging of the already available 2006 version of the software. The best inducement to buy it is “$198 worth of offers!” which includes – honest – a one-year subscription to Good Housekeeping.

It’s even less impressive that Microsoft did a hurry-up deal with Pinnacle to bundle the awful Pinnacle Studio 10 software into Digital Image Suite Plus, since Microsoft has not developed its own video editing software. Here’s what I found when I researched the Pinnacle Studio 10 program.


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