I’m still looking for the right filter for parents who want some control over their children’s Internet activities. I wanted to like Safe Eyes – it has a nice interface, the right features (control over Internet surfing, time online, and access to programs without being overly complicated), and many people apparently use it successfully. But it apparently conflicted with something on our computers, because it caused 3-4 minute delays just logging on to the computer and unacceptably slowed down the Internet connection. I don’t see other people complaining about that online, so I’d encourage you to download the free trial if you’re interested – and remove it if it appears to be troublesome.

This is a fast-growing area – here’s a list of 106 programs listed in Download.com’s “Parental Filters” category. I’ve gone back to testing Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare Family Safety program to see if it has improved from a couple of months ago.

Keep in mind that this may become moot when Windows Vista arrives, with built-in, deeply integrated parental controls.

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